Another rock’n’roll night at the Walrus!

X Raiders:
are five young men from the rural hinterlands of the Netherlands breathing new life into rock-’n’-roll. Leave your preconceptions and genre definitions at the door and submit yourself to the energy blasting from the stage. This is your outlet after a week of hard work. Strap yourself in and take it to the max! Headbanging? Check! Crowdsurfing? Check! Moshpits? Check!Early 2020, X Raiders released their aggressively personal second album: Weltschmerz ’89. Combining a multitude of influences from Turbonegro and Iron Maiden to early-Soilwork and Dillinger Escape Plan, Weltschmerz ’89 is an in-your-face collection of pure rock-‘n’-roll: aggressive and dark, yet more genuine and addictive than ever. Looking for the quick fix to your Weltschmerz? Fuck those tears, grab your leather jacket, and walk your boots straight through that door.
Support: TBADoors: 21:00
Damage: 7€ VVK 9€ ATD

Doors: 20:00
Damage: Gratis
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