Hard-hitting action Rock’n’Roll influenced by Punk and Hard Rock.

X Raiders
Are five young men from the rural hinterlands of the Netherlands breathing new life into rock-’n’-roll. Leave your preconceptions and genre definitions at the door and submit yourself to the energy blasting from the stage. This is your outlet after a week of hard work. Strap yourself in and take it to the max! Headbanging? Check! Crowdsurfing? Check! Moshpits? Check!Early 2020, X Raiders released their aggressively personal second album: Weltschmerz ’89. Combining a multitude of influences from Turbonegro and Iron Maiden to early-Soilwork and Dillinger Escape Plan, Weltschmerz ’89 is an in-your-face collection of pure rock-‘n’-roll: aggressive and dark, yet more genuine and addictive than ever. Looking for the quick fix to your Weltschmerz? Fuck those tears, grab your leather jacket, and walk your boots straight through that door.

Lucifer Star Machine
Play hard-hitting Action Rock’n’Roll influenced by Punk and Hard Rock.
Their high energy live shows cement their reputation as a true in-your-face Hardcore Rock ‘n’ Roll act. But it is the segueing of this wanton brutality with their sense for heartfelt and catchy melodies that makes them truly stand out.
The 5-piece was founded in London, UK in 2002 and has since toured several times across Europe, sharing stages with acts like Peter Pan Speedrock, Nashville Pussy and Demented Are Go.
In 2019 the band hit the stage at Wacken Open Air, one of the world’s biggest Heavy Metal festivals, where the bill included Slayer, Body Count and Airbourne amongst others. Lucifer Star Machine’s first single, “Death Baby”, came out in 2004 and was produced by Punk Rock legend Rat Scabies of The Damned. After two album releases on various indies, they signed with German label I Sold My Soul Media in 2013, who released their critically acclaimed third full length “Rock’n’Roll Martyrs”. The record was lauded for its authenticity and its snotty and unadorned approach.
In 2012 founder and band leader Tor Abyss moved back to his home country of Germany, whilst the rest of the band remained in England. Over time the logistics proved to be too difficult, so he decided to give the band a fresh start.Thus, since Autumn 2014, Lucifer Star Machine is now based in Germany, with band members being located in Hamburg, Brunswick and Fulda.Since their reformation the group has released 2 singles and an EP, which were accompanied by three videos.
The band has signed a record deal with Swedish label The Sign Records, who released the group’s fourth album “The Devil’s Breath” worldwide on 3rd April 2020. GET LUCIFIED!

Doors: 21:00
Damage: 10€
Tickets: nitn.stager.nl/web/tickets/111158946